Japan-US Online Class

Launching 2021 Japan-U.S. Online Class

This is where people in both the U.S. and Japan can regain beautiful posture regardless of age, across national borders.

In spite of the 13-hour (DST, 14-hours in winter) time difference between Japan and Washington D.C., the 60-minute lesson—regardless of distance or nationality—is a place for physical development and cross-cultural interaction.
In Ageless Ballet Stretch lessons, you will get in touch with your body through deep breathing and slow movements that loosen tight muscles and tendons, straighten your posture, and lead you to notice and strengthen weak muscles, all with the goal of increasing your flexibility.

Posture and aging are closely related. As your back becomes hunched, other aspects of aging accelerate.
In our lessons, we will give you easy-to-understand explanations of what you are doing and why, as well as what to pay attention to in your body. Ageless Ballet Stretch is a doctor-supervised program that gently adapts basic ballet training for middle-aged and elderly people.

Body development transcends nationalities and borders. For example, in the United States, the medical insurance situation is very different from that in Japan. There is no universal health insurance, and the expenses are higher, so it is even more important to maintain a healthy body.

There are many physical changes between 40 and 50 years old, 50 and 60, 60 and 70. If you are not exercising, the physical changes you will see in 10 years, are considerable. As you age, being aware of which phase of life you are in, discovering physical challenges, and solving those challenges through our classes can make a big difference in your life.

In fact, in face-to-face class lessons, we often hear from students about a reduction in symptoms such as poor circulation, stiff shoulders, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, disk misalignment, and knee pain. Our lessons are fun, and when you participate regularly, you can expect to see positive changes in your body within six months to a year.

The lessons are mainly conducted in Japanese, but thanks to the work of an interpreter, we maintain a bilingual classroom environment.

After these lessons, there will be some time for conversation, so you can engage with others even while far away.
You can make new friends no matter how old you are!
Why don’t you start with a trial lesson?

※The Japan-US Online Class is provided with communication assistance from M&K Communication, Inc. in the United States.

Ageless Ballet Stretch Lessons

Ageing and posture are linked.
If your posture worsens, you will age more quickly.
First, we will straighten your posture through the lessons.
Next, we will strengthen your muscles to maintain that posture. We will focus particularly on strengthening your core and lower body.

Flexibility and a sense of balance are also important factors.
Straight posture
Strengthening lower body muscles
Improved Sense of Balance

The first half (30 minutes) Long Breath Stretches

60 Minute Lessons – The first half (30 minutes) is all about Long Breath Stretches and getting in touch with your body.

The second half (30 minutes) Maintain a Straight Posture

The second half (30 minutes) is about stretching muscles to maintain a straight posture, especially stretching the lower body core. The goal is to improve your sense of balance.

Date and Time

You can choose the classes as shown below, Sundays or Thursdays.
There are 8 classes in total for each day. It is also possible to choose both classes.

① Sunday Class (ET) (Monday in Japan)
② Thursday Class (ET) (Friday in Japan)

Since there is a time difference of 13 hours between Washington D.C. and Japan (in the case of daylight-saving time), the dates and times will be different.
ET indicates US Eastern Time, JT indicates Japan Time.

Class Schedule:

*For residents in the U.S.*

Due to the end of daylight-saving time on Sunday, November 7th at 2:00 AM,

the Ageless Ballet Stretch class time will be moved up one hour.

All classes *after November 7th will start at 7:00 PM.*

Method of Participation

Classes will be held in zoom.


Google Form Link:
[ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdkxuCNBiyophk-nSr0dFwHJgaJb8pXF-VEyM2WB3qRynNpxA/viewform ]

Please enter your desired class name, your name, and email address. We will send you a Zoom ID/ password separately.

You can fill in the participation application form from the above URL.

Things to prepare

Something to hold onto (the back of a chair, etc.), drinks, no shoes (please participate barefoot)

Lesson Contents

1. Stretching to relax the body - 30min
2. Training to build posture & muscle strength - 15min
3. Stepping exercises to cultivate a sense of balance – 15min
※We will provide simple explanations before starting.

Tomoko will teach the lessons from Osaka, Japan.


Participants from the U.S.: $75 (eight sessions included in price)
Participants from Japan: 8,500 yen (eight sessions included in price)
Fees differ between Japan and the United States due to exchange rates and fees. Please take note.
These fees represent a low introductory offer.


Those over 70 years old will be charged half price. If you are over 70 years old, we recommend you take lessons twice a week for best results.

Payment method

After applying, you will receive an invoice by email from Japan Agless Ballet Stretch Association.
Please pay by PayPal or Venmo by the specified date. You can also pay by credit card.
If you have difficulty paying by credit card, please let us know as we will contact you separately.
In addition, we will send you a disclaimer agreement when you participate, so please check before you join the class.


The first 3 classes are free!