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  • Let’s start taking action!!A challenge for ages 40-60 Correct posture creates young bodies'Ageless Ballet Stretch Online Lessons'

Great if you have the following objectives:

  • To improve posture

  • To get some exercise

  • To energize your mind and body

  • To strengthen your core muscles

  • To strengthen your lower body

  • To have a more flexible body

  • To reduce stiff shoulders and back pain

  • To reduce your sensitivity to cold

  • To tone up your body

"I'm not good at exercising to begin with."
"I've never done ballet before,
so I'm unsure if I can do it."
Don't worry, it's okay!

  • Many of our students do not have any experience in ballet.
  • You don’t have to have exercised before.
  • No problem even if you aren’t flexible.
  • You can join the classes from either Japan or the U.S.!!
  • Reliable doctor-supervised lessons.
  • Lessons are ticket-based.
  • No traffic time! You can attend the lessons from home!
  • Since classes are held in real-time, you can ask questions and get guidance from the instructor!
  • You can cancel anytime!
  • Accepting reservations and cancellations up to 4 hours before classes!

Changes in the body after about ages 40 to 50

    • 1
    • Muscle strength declines starting from around ages 40 to 50. By working, doing housework, and looking at your phone, you tend to lean forward and have a rounder back.
    • 2
    • Your posture gets worse.
    • 3
    • A rounded back compresses the lungs, making deep breathing difficult.

      ⇒ The amount of oxygen in the body is reduced, and the circulatory system slows down.
      ⇒ Because the body relies on the spine for support, the older you get, the greater the possibility of compression fractures.
      ⇒ The abdominal muscles and other pelvic floor muscle groups may loosen, leading to frequent urination and urine leakage.

    • 4
    • Due to declined muscle strength, moving around becomes a little more difficult.
    • 5
    • The amount of physical activity in daily life will be reduced; for example, shopping that used to be done daily is now done twice a week.

      ★When this happens, it leads to a further decline of muscle strength ①, and the aging process progresses into a “negative cycle.”

  • What type of
    body shape
    do you have?

The lesson of
Ageless Ballet Stretch

  • This ballet stretching program is designed for people over 40 or 50 years old to learn the basic movements of classical ballet.
    The movements are slow, with deep breathing, so you can participate in the lesson at your own pace.
    The goal is to keep the body young by creating and maintaining a straight and correct posture.
    Strengthening the core muscles and the lower body muscles. And creating a flexible body.
    This is a doctor-supervised lesson.
    Relax and move your body slowly with classical music.
    After six months of weekly lessons, you will feel the changes in your body.

60-minute lesson

  • 1

    Long breath stretches
    15 minutes

  • 2

    Settling in correct posture and strengthening core muscles
    20 minutes

  • 3

    Easy stepping for developing a sense of balance
    15 minutes

  • 4

    10 minutes

Basic level class

This is a great class for first-time students. Slow stretching and posture training, along with deep breathing. Let’s start by moving your body to your comfortable range.
There is time for counseling after classes. Please don’t hesitate to ask your instructor any questions you have.

● If you come to the class 10 minutes before the start, the instructor is able to consult with you about your physical condition.

Intermediate level class

When you feel comfortable in the basic level class, trying out for our intermediate level class might be a good idea.
After learning how to stretch sitting on the floor and how to use the abdominal muscles by utilizing the floor, we move on to standing stretches, posture training, core strengthening exercises, and steps.
This class is also recommended for sports players who want to strengthen their core muscles.
Also taken as basic training for ballroom dancing.

Take a look at an actual online lesson!!

The instructors carefully watch the movement of each participant to give individual advice!!

They answer questions from the participants during the counseling time after each lesson!!

The actual lesson in action

You can also watch it on YouTube!

Participant Testimonials

  • “I began to move my body while paying attention to my skeleton, and it became difficult for my fatigue to pile up”

    Mariko (From Maryland, US)

    I have participated in Ageless Ballet Stretch for 2 years, and I look forward to going once a week and feeling as though I am reset by a chiropractor. At first, I did not understand the importance of phrases such as “be mindful of how you are moving your body,” but sure enough, once I began moving my body with my skeleton in mind, it became more difficult for my fatigue to accumulate. I also like that even without having experience doing ballet, you can dance to ballet music and feel graceful. It is recommended for people who want to have dignified, beautiful posture and maintain their muscle strength as they age.

  • “Taking lessons as core muscle training for ballroom dancing”

    Keiko (From Osaka, Japan)

    During my university days, I participated in ballroom dancing competitions. When I was 50, I started to dance again, but as I was moving the same way I did when I was young, I ended up hurting my knees and lower back.

    After encountering Ageless Ballet Stretch, I learned that I had a hunched back, swayback, and hyperextension of the knees. After being instructed to have good posture and to pay attention to my skeleton as opposed to my muscles, my knee pain and back pain have almost completely healed, and I have begun to understand what the coaches tell me.
    There is also a charm that comes with being able to take lessons online from home and being able to intermingle with people in the U.S. I would like to continue such fun lessons.

  • “My body movement greatly improved”

    Yumiko (From Massachusetts, US)

    Please participate if you would like to improve your body movement. Ageless Ballet Stretch is a very well-planned program. Rather than being repetitive, the lessons develop in a wide variety of ways. At the end of the classes there is time for consultations where you can get answers to any questions you may have.

    The lessons learned are applicable to both daily life and, in my case, competitive dance.
    The music is pretty, and the students are kind, which makes the classes very fun. There are also collaborations with other instructors. I have been taking classes for about 3 years now and my body movements have greatly improved.

    2024 Asian Open Dance Championships Pro-Am Division, Modern Finalist

Introduction of instructors


  • Posture and aging are closely related.
    A straight posture appropriate for the individual's bone structure is essential to strengthen the core muscles.
    Ageless Ballet Stretch is a lifework lesson that can be started at 40, 50, 60, or even 70 years old.
    Let’s improve your posture while having fun!!

    In 2012, created Ageless Ballet Stretch with the aim of building women’s bodies over the age of 40, and started giving lessons in 2013. In 2015, Ageless Ballet Stretch lessons began being supervised by Dr. Munakata.
    In 2016, founded the Japan Ageless Ballet Stretch Association.
    11 years of coaching experience. Improved the posture of about 1000 people. Providing individualized advice. Teaching lessons in both face-to-face and online classes.
    20 years of ballet experience. Was a member of the student competitive ballroom dance club during her college years. Placed 7th in an all-Japan slow foxtrot ballroom dance student competition. In Latin dance, placed 3rd in western Japan and 1st in overall modern and Latin dance in the Kansai region.


  • By knowing and taking care of yourself, you will notice even the slightest changes in your body. Hopefully, through Ageless Ballet Stretch, each of you will begin to understand your current state and become aware of the day-to-day changes in your body.

    In 2018, became a certified Ageless Ballet Stretch instructor, and has been teaching for 6 years. Running in-person classes in 3 locations in Nagoya as well as online classes. Started modern dance 25 years ago, at the age of 3.

Ageless Ballet Stretch is
a medically supervised program.

  • Chairman of the Medical Corporation,
    Soushikai Director of
    Yasuhiko Munakata Clinic

    Dr. Yasuhiko Munakata

  • [ Biography ​]​
    1998 - Graduated from Tohoku University School of Medicine. ​​
    1990 - Entered Tohoku University School​ of Medicine Graduate School.​​ (conducted research on rheumatoid arthritis)​​
    1996 - Studied abroad at Harvard Medical School Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA.​​
    1998 - Engaged in clinical research and education at the Department of Blood Immunology, Tohoku University Hospital from 1998.​​
    2005 - Assumed the role of Chairman of​​ Biei Medical Corporation.​​
    2013 - Established Yasuhiko Munakata Clinic.​​
    2014 - Inaugurated as Chairman of​​ Soushikai Medical Corporation.

    [ ​Types of Medical Care Services Offered ​]​
    ・ Rheumatoid arthritis​
    ・ Internal medicine​
    ・ Private health management services​
    (disease prevention / health management)​
    ・ Medical management and consultation for ballet dancers​
    ・ Clinical trials of new drug treatment​
    ・ Home-visit medical care / nursing services​

Schedule / Fees / Participation method

The first 3 lessons are free!

Accepting reservations and cancellations
up to 4 hours before classes!

Payment / Ticket system (valid for 1 year)

◯ 10 lesson ticket $134 (each lesson costs $13.40)
◯ 1 lesson ticket $15

●【Ticket payment methods】Please choose from credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer
● We are not responsible for any accidents that occur during lessons, so please remove any dangerous items from your surroundings when participating in lessons. Also, please understand that if accidents occur, they are the responsibility of the participants.
● Tickets are non-refundable.
● Items to bring when participating: Clothing that is easy to move in, something to drink, and something that can be used as a support, such as the back of a chair. Please participate barefoot.

Participation method

We will be using Zoom for the online lessons

After registering and booking online, you can simply download Zoom to join the lesson!

How to register or make a reservation

● Please download Zoom in advance. Here's how to download Zoom.

  • ❶ Click the button for new registration, and enter the required information.
    After that, you will immediately receive an email to the registered email. Open the email and click the URL to complete the registration.
    ❷ Enter your password to access My Page and click the “Reserve Lesson” button.

❸ Scroll down to the bottom of the calendar and you will see the timetable. From there, click on the day you want to participate in the above calendar, then scroll down to where the button appears, select the timeslot you want, and complete the reservation.

  • ❹ To check whether your reservation was made, please click on the “Confirm Reservation” button on My Page. If the reservation has been made, it will be clearly stated.

    ● You can make or cancel reservations up to 4 hours beforehand!
    To cancel, please click the cancel button on the right more than 4 hours before the class.

❺ On the day of the reservation, 10 minutes before the scheduled time, please click the “Join Today’s Lesson” button on My Page. To learn how to join a lesson, please click “How to Join the Lesson.”

● The “Join Today’s Lesson” button will appear 10 minutes before the start of the lesson.

❻ The Zoom meeting will open, and you will be able to see the online instructor. The lesson will start.

How to download Zoom

For PC

Please download the 'Zoom Workplace desktop app' from the top link below. Once you run the downloaded installer, the installation process will begin.

Download Zoom for PC


My body is not flexible. Am I able to take the classes?

Please don’t worry, even if you have a stiff body. We start with slow, easy stretching. You will gradually become more flexible by moving your body along with breathing deeply.

I have never taken ballet lessons. Can I keep up with the class?

Most of our students do not have any ballet experience. We will listen to our bodies and proceed slowly. Let's take time to build a beautiful posture and strong core muscles.

How much space do I need for the lessons?

About 16 square feet is enough space for lessons. Please make sure not to have dangerous objects around you.

Is there anything I need to prepare for the class?

Please ensure you have something to hold onto, such as the back of a chair, and bring something to drink.

Can I join a lesson from my mobile phone?

Yes. You can join the lessons from your mobile phone. Please download Zoom in advance. Connecting your mobile phone to a TV lets you take lessons on the big TV screen.
Here's how to connect your smartphone to your TV.

What happens if I suddenly have to work?

You can cancel up to 4 hours before the lesson.
Please cancel from “My Page.”

What are the payment methods?

You can pay by PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer.
● If you pay by bank transfer, please click on “Support Page” after the transfer is made and send us an e-mail with the name of the person who made the transfer and the date and time the transfer was made. The number of tickets will be increased as soon as payment is confirmed.
PayPal or credit card payments will increase the number of tickets immediately after processing.
Please note that the Japan Ageless Ballet Stretch Association cannot access or retain PayPal or credit card information.

How long are tickets valid for?

Tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

We look forward to seeing you in the classes!