Ageless Ballet Stretch

The human body is a delicate thing.
As you age, your body begins to behave and feel differently. In your 40s you feel it little by little, but as you move closer to menopause the change becomes more palpable. In your 50s you get tired more easily, and your back and shoulder pain is more persistent.
Until your 30s you can get by without doing anything, but in order to live as actively as you desire in the latter half of your life, you need a healthy foundation. Posture and aging are inexorably linked.
Having straight posture, building muscle strength in the lower body, and flexibility are all building blocks that support the foundation—your health, later in life.
We will build our bodies with calm movements and deep breathing to the pleasant notes of classical music.
Ageless Ballet Stretch, a program which applies ballet methods, is a doctor-supervised program.

Register here. The first 3 classes are free!
The first 3 classes are free!