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About Us

The human body is a delicate thing. As you age, your body begins to behave and feel differently. In your 40s you feel it little by little, but as you move closer to menopause the change becomes more palpable.In your 50s you get tired more easily, and your back and shoulder pain is more persistent. Until your 30s you can get by without doing anything, but in order to live as actively as you desire in the latter half of your life, you need a healthy foundation. Posture and aging are inexorably linked. Having straight posture, building muscle strength in the lower body, and flexibility are all building blocks that support the foundation—your health, later in life. We will build our bodies with calm movements and deep breathing to the pleasant notes of classical music. Ageless Ballet Stretch, a program which applies ballet methods, is a doctor-supervised program.


Ageless Ballet Stretch is a medically supervised program.

Chairman of the Medical Corporation, Soushikai Director of Yasuhiko Munakata Clinic

Dr. Yasuhiko Munakata

[ Biography ​]
1998 - Graduated from Tohoku University School of Medicine. ​
1990 - Entered Tohoku University School
of Medicine Graduate School.
(conducted research on rheumatoid arthritis)
1996 - Studied abroad at Harvard Medical School​
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA.
1998 - Engaged in clinical research and education at​
the Department of Blood Immunology,
Tohoku University Hospital from 1998.
2005 - Assumed the role of Chairman of​
Biei Medical Corporation.
2013 - Established Yasuhiko Munakata Clinic.​
2014 - Inaugurated as Chairman of​
Soushikai Medical Corporation.

[ ​Types of Medical Care Services Offered ​]​
・ Rheumatoid arthritis​
・ Internal medicine​
・ Private health management services​
(disease prevention / health management)​
・ Medical management and consultation for ballet dancers​
・ Clinical trials of new drug treatment​
・ Home-visit medical care / nursing services​

Message from Dr. Munakata

"40, 50, 60, 70, 80s ~ My purpose is to extend the lifetime healthy life expectancy. Due to 'Ultra-aging' and an 'ultra-declining birthrate,' medical care in Japan is on the verge of collapse. You have to protect your own health. 'It's no good because I'm old ...' does not work. Regardless of age, being healthy is our responsibility. As a member, I will do my utmost to support your health as a doctor."

The first 3 classes are free!