Our Vision – JABS 一般社団法人日本エイジレスバレエ・ストレッチ協会

Our Vision

Inspired by the concept of Successful Aging,
the Japan Ageless Ballet Stretch Association promotes a society where everyone can age
happily and live their lives their own way, no matter how old they are.
We develop and provide the content necessary for that purpose and we train instructors to carry it out.

According to gerontological studies in the United States, it is important to “avoid illness and disease,” “maintain high physical and mental functionality,” and to “keep in touch with those around you, as well as to act proactively,” in order to achieve “Successful Aging.” This term, “Aging Successfully,” is translated as “happy aging” in Japanese, but it does not mean that one is simply happy by chance. Rather, the focus is on an active aging process itself.

The Ageless Ballet Stretch Vision for the Future

Ageless Ballet Stretch aims to develop a future full of liveliness
where middle-aged and older participants, staff,
and cooperating companies can all play a role in leading and inspiring each other.

  • Middle-aged and older people (from their 40s until the end of life) are enthusiastic about what they are interested in without being bound by stereotypes about how they should behave.
  • People of all ages work happily or volunteer according to their level of physical fitness. By connecting with society, each person is aware that she or he is a needed.
  • Ageless Ballet Stretch spreads for the purpose of physical and mental health, as well as enjoyment.
  • Teams of advisors will have spawned new initiatives to nurture successful aging and the participants of the initiatives are pleased with the results.
  • Through our activities, we are creating new communication with advisors, groups, and individuals, and by doing so, are getting to know and inspiring them.
  • Regardless of gender, nationality, or race, we recognize the differences in our values and cooperate with each other to achieve our major goals.
  • The people involved are active and happy.
The first 3 classes are free!